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What we do?


Good grooming is about having a more than a pretty pet. For many of us, pets are our family and we take care of them equally like any other member. When we spend so much time with pets, their grooming becomes significant. They deserve your best attention, caring, and love, and what’s the best way of pampering them than gifting them various grooming packages. Pets like to get pampered and they return the same affection in their warm, sweet way.

Why Just Groom?


Just Groom understands pets better. Just Groom is a first-ever luxury pet spa and salon that is specialized in pet grooming services. Our team is professionally trained in understanding your pet requirements and our constant closeness with them helps us in knowing their preferences better. We offer various packages to make their different occasions special. Bring your pets once to Just Groom and they will love to come again and again.

Our Services


If your puppy is 5 months old, then it’s time for it to get the grooming done. Basic grooming includes further three packages and you can select the one that your puppy would like. Know more:

Basic grooming – A must for every pet

Special grooming is for special occasions that will make your pet appear special. Get this service even if there is no special occasion to make your pet realize that it is special for you. Know more:

Special grooming – For those special moments

Wedding is a lifetime occasion and we all want to look at our best, not to be missed, our pets too. The wedding grooming package is designed to rejuvenate your pooch’s body, mind and spirit are rejuvenated and ready for your big too.Know more:

Wedding grooming – A wedding gift to your pet

Bring your puppy to Just Groom spa for birthday grooming. The package offers everything your pet needs to experience like a totally pampered pooch. Know more:

Birthday grooming – Moment to pamper your pet

Cats are more stylish and prefer getting groomed. This special package is designed for our feline family members to make them flaunt their modish side with grace.Know more:

Cat grooming – Cats deserve a lot of personalized services

Bring your pet to Just Groom to give them a warm shower, hair trimming, fur coloring, medicated bath, nail trimming, etc. You can pick up one or multiple services from our A La Carte menu and avail our customized services. Know more:

A La Carte – Customized grooming

Happy Parents - Our customers’ reviews


Srihita Reddy

I’m very pleased with the services at Just Groom. My Danny has jumped with affection after receiving such a relaxing shower and warm towel service.

Thomas Fernandez

My big Bravido had a great birthday this time and he posed with lot of confidence. Probably he has sensed that his spa visit has given a macho look.

Shreya Goswami

Have seen many dogs’ saloon but not for my little kittens – Mini and Simi. I was so astonished to see both of them receiving spa services giving stylish look. Usually they used to accompany me to my spa and it really gave me so much happiness accompanying them to their spa.


The staff at Just Groom is professional and equally affectionate towards our pets. I never thought someone will be able to carry my August so lovingly. I often choose to pick from A La Carte, though I also find packages affordable.

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