Just Grooming is a vital part of the well-being and good health of your beautiful Pet, which can improve its quality of life. Pet grooming always depends on pet breed, age, and health conditions. Periodic grooming helps to secure the pet’s well-being. While some dogs shed, others do not shed as profusely and require grooming every 4-8 weeks.

Advantages of Pet Grooming Services:

  • Decreased chance of various health problems, like thrush, scratches, and other pet skin related problems
  • Overall cleanliness will give good health and life for the Pet.
  • Monitoring of the Pet’s health by inspecting cuts, hot spots, swelling, and changes in temperament, evaluating symptoms of the disease.
  • Developing a closer bond between dog and owner
  • Decreasing infestation load of parasites on the skin
  • Avoid matting that can cause health concerns like skin irritation or the entrapment of harmful bacteria in the coat.

   Usually, Many pet coats require trimming, Pet Styles vary by breed, size, and hair removal have great practical purposes for Pet and Pet-Parent. 

   Some breeds of dog, do not shed, but have hair that grows constantly. The fur around the body can get very long and become matted, and hair around the eyes can impair the pet’s vision. Therefore hair trimming will keep the eyes clear and coat free of knots. Just Groom uses the best grooming gloves and brushes to drag loose hair and massage tools are great for massaging the coat in firm strokes and for both wet and dry coats. 

    Nail trimming is an essential part of maintaining good health. If a pet’s nails are long grown, they will curl over into a spiral shape which makes pet walking increasingly painful. Long nails exert great pressure on the toe joints, even causing the joints of the forelimb to be realigned which can cause the animal to have unequal weight distribution which makes a pet’s more prone to injuries, and longer nails are more likely to be ripped or torn off, causing serious injury to the animal. It becomes increasingly challenging to manoeuvre nail clippers between the paw pad and nail tip as the nails grow longer. 

    Our Nail trimming is done with special tools for smooth trimming of sharp edges. Guillotine trimmers have a hole at the end through which the dog’s nail is inserted; while the scissor-style trimmer is most effective on nails that are too long and are now in the shape of a coil.