Grooming refers to all the things people do to keep themselves clean, like brushing, bathing, etc. and it is done to present themselves nicely to others.

Grooming is important for our pets too. We spend most of our time with them, and it makes a lot of positive difference to their and our hygienic conditions when they get groomed regularly.

Our pets also deserve our utmost attention, love, and care. And, the best way to shower them with the same is by taking them on a grooming session.

Regular grooming keeps your dog away from diseases and helps them stay healthy and happy. And, here are our service recommendations that would help you choose the most suitable package.

You will need professional groomers to provide grooming services to your pets. This will not leave you out with any possibilities of getting your dog sick, and it also saves you from a lot of unnecessary hassle.

These Grooming services comprise haircut, nail trimming, bathing, ear cleaning, paw cleaning, etc.

We at just groom transform your beloved pets into perfectly groomed ones, with our excellent services.

Dog packages range from 1k to 4k.

Cat packages range from 1.2k to 1.5k.
Just groom also has à la carte services for all your pet grooming requirements like hair cuts, baths, nail trimming, etc., ranging from 200 to 2000 rupees.

Just groom is the first-ever luxury pet spa and salon that specialize in a variety of pet grooming services.

We offer special grooming services for special occasions to make your pet stand out in the crowd.

Wedding Grooming: Wedding is a lifetime event for everyone, including your pet. This package rejuvenates your pooch’s body, mind, and spirit with oil therapy to let them get all ready for the big event.

Birthday Grooming: Your pet’s birthday is such an important day for you, as well as your pet, and they deserve special treatment on an important day. We have a package to fulfill the exact same requirement.

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